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Tough moulded Refillable Glass Candle. Halfway between square and round, this design with its rounded edges comes highly recommended as a much more economical replacement for the sealed fuel cells. It fits many of our supplier's existing glass shades offering you the option for interior or exterior use. Regretablly we do not stock currently stock this but can order for you. Please refer to the "Please Note" paragraph below for more details.

Please Note: The larger of the two TOKYO Moulded Glass Oil Candles in two of the photos attached are of a Tokyo 50 and a Tokyo 100. We do not currently stock the Tokyo 100 yet however plan to do so later on in 2019. If you are interested in the glass shades or the larger Tokyo 100, we have to order this in from our overseas supplier which will require a 50% deposit and have a lead time of approximately six to eight weeks for delivery. Contact us at with the following subject line: Glass Shade Enquiry... and for which candle you have it in mind for. Please allow a few days to submit your enquiry to our supplier and take in account the time we may have to request more information from you before submitting enquiry to our supplier.

Low running costs. Very durable and quite weighty. Please see our notes below regarding oil/paraffin.

Click [here] for wick instructions

Dimensions: 52mm diam x 70mm high
Time between Refills: 10 Hours
Fuel Capacity: 50ml
Wick recommended for the TOKYO: - SKU: W3A (Also available in a packet of 10 wicks - see SKU: WICKM)

Approximate Running Cost (Oil/Paraffin) filling up from:

25L container - 0.06 cents an hour / 0.60 cents between full refills;
Box of 12 x 1L bottles - 0.07 cents an hour / 0.70 cents between full refills;
5L container - 0.05 cents an hour / 0.49 cents between full refills; or
1L container - 0.11 cents an hour / $1.10 between full refills.

Please note: Oil is not included and has to be ordered separately.

For colours, see 'Liquid Lamp Oil' menu and add colour instructions at checkout.