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Tough moulded Refillable Glass Candle. Halfway between square and round, this design with its rounded edges comes highly recommended as a much more economical replacement for the sealed fuel cells. 

Please Note: The larger of the two TOKYO Moulded Glass Oil Candles in two of the photos attached are of a Tokyo 50 and a Tokyo 100. We do not currently stock the Tokyo 100.

Low running costs. Very durable and quite weighty. Please see our notes below regarding oil/paraffin.

Click [here] for wick instructions

Dimensions: 52mm diam x 70mm high
Time between Refills: 10 Hours
Fuel Capacity: 50ml
Wick recommended for the TOKYO: - SKU: W3A (Also available in a packet of 10 wicks - see SKU: WICKM)

Approximate Running Cost (Oil/Paraffin) filling up from:

25L container - 0.06 cents an hour / 0.60 cents between full refills;
Box of 12 x 1L bottles - 0.07 cents an hour / 0.70 cents between full refills;
5L container - 0.05 cents an hour / 0.49 cents between full refills; or
1L container - 0.11 cents an hour / $1.10 between full refills.

Please note: Oil is not included and has to be ordered separately.

For colours, see 'Liquid Lamp Oil' menu and add colour instructions at checkout.