Candle light Ambiance in Restaurants, Bistros, Eateries, Hotels, Bars, Events, Ceremony, Occasion, Churches, Temple, Crematorium, Worship, Mosque, Funeral Homes, Disposable, Refillable, Lamp oil, Paraffin, Wick, Corporate Gift

For Hospitality & Events

Lamp Oil & Candles for Restaurants; Bistro's; Eateries; Hotels

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Wedding Celebration Anniversary Valentine's Gift Decoration Centrepiece Tabletop LED Candles Candle Holders


Wedding / Celebration / Anniversary / Valentine's Gift and other Events

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Create a tranquil atmosphere for your customers at your spa with our candles that have been created for your business in mind. Virtually odourless and smokeless and less soot, or go LED if you wish to go flameless



Most advanced rechargeable LED candle system in the world designed with the user in mind Function Performance Ergonomics Groundbreaking Commercial Lighting System

Flameless for any event (Ps, Checkout our Cruise Ship option)


Church Temple Mosque Funeral Home Crematorium Memorial Anniversary Special Occasion Tealight Vigil Service Festival Catholic Christian Muslim Cemetery

Place of Worship or Paying Respect

Churches / Temples / Funeral Homes / Crematoriums

Weddings Functions Celebrations Premier Lighting Best Performance Refillable or Disposable Candle Options with real flame or Realistic Flameless Lighting Induction LED Rechargeable Candles for Commercial Tabletop Industry and Market flicker & static mode

Easy to operate options

Disposable or Refillable