Our candles are perfect for your Home, Gifts, Hospitality, Restaurants, Spas, Churches and Temples.

We have a beautiful range of re-fillable Hand Blown Crystal Glass Candles and Moulded Glass Candles.

We also supply Liquid Wax Candles and Holders from Hollowick, a leading supplier of Candles and Lamp oil to the hospitality industry.  

For all the romance and ambience of candle light without the mess!

Our commercial quality Rechargeable LED Candles are perfect where wind and flames are of concern.

Our Lamp/Paraffin Oil is virtually odourless and smokeless, in either re-fillable or disposable options with prices starting from as little as 0.04 cents an hour.

Call us free on 0800 330 013 for all your candle supplies.

Clean Candlelight without Wax Mess!

All our prices are inclusive of GST.