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(SKU: MROSWELL) - The ROSWELL is a tough moulded refillable oil glass candle. Shaped like a smooth beach pebble gives it a natural appeal. The design is a classic example of simplicity making it a favourite by Spa Retreats, Hotels and other establishments up and down the country. Low running costs. Very durable and quite weighty. Almost impossible to knock over. The oil used is virtually odourless and smokeless, giving you all the ambience of candlelight with no mess and no waste! 

Dimensions: 50mm diam a largest widest point x 70mm high
Time between Refills: 7 Hours
Fuel Capacity: 50ml
Wick recommended for ROSWELL: - SKU: W3A

Approximate Running Cost: Results may vary depending on the location (indoors/outdoors; your wick adjustment and quality, that is why we recommend our oil/paraffin). Filling up from our:-

25L container - 0.04 cents an hour / 0.42 cents between full refills;
Box of 12 x 1L bottles - 0.05 cents an hour / 0.49 cents between full refills;
5L container - 0.05 cents an hour / 0.49 cents between full refills; or
1L container - 0.8 cents an hour / 0.77 cents between full refills.

Please note: Oil is not included and has to be ordered separately.

For colours, see 'Liquid Lamp Oil' menu and add colour instructions at checkout.