Paraffin Oil - 25L
Paraffin Oil - 25L

Paraffin Oil - 25L

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Hi loyal customer,

Our highly refined paraffin oil comes from England
We have held off putting up our paraffin oil prices for 18 months
Freight costs from England has increased 200% since 2020
Paraffin Oil cost has increased 67% since 2020

Our new prices for paraffin oil are:

1 litre  $28.95
5 litre  $105.95
12 litre $239.95
25 litre  $395.95


OUR OIL (LIQUID PARAFFIN) We recommend our brand of oil because it 's pure liquid paraffin, custom formulated for optimal performance in our candles and we know they burn safely and cleanly (producing virtually no smoke or odour) making soor a problem of the past. We sell to some fussy customers in New Zealand who knows what they want and the food and hospitality industry which is our largest customer base expects the highest-performing candle oil available. Our oil can be used indoors as well as outdoors. Based on industry standards the oil we import from the UK is of the most refined paraffin oil available. The most recent Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for our oil brand is available on request, simply email to request a copy. No shipping restrictions on shipping our paraffin within New Zealand. Please note: Due to international post restrictions we are unable to ship oil overseas. The fuel will not burn without a wick. You can drop a match in a drum of oil and it will go out. The fuel is not even classed as flammable. That means you don’t have to worry about safety. The wicks do not burn, it soaks up the oil and it is the oil vapour that burns. This means that the wick will last from many months to many years. Once empty no residue remains inside the lamp so simply refill as the only cleaning you have to do is a bit of external dusting. The fuel is very long lasting, most lamps burn between just 4 and 7ml an hour. That means just around 10 to 15 cents per hour. Our oil candles are easily refilled by removing the wick and pouring in more oil. The running cost results may vary depending on the environment you use it in (indoors/outdoors; your wick adjustment and quality, that is why we recommend our oil/paraffin) for refueling your candles. For the best performance please ensure you:- Do not fill up a candle which contains paraffin or residue of paraffin of inferior quality as it will affect the performance of our oil; and Familiarise yourself with the Wick Instructions for Crystalline Glass Candles or Wick Instructions for Moulded Glass Candles in relation to setting your wick and proper care to achieve the best result . I Please refer to the candle care section for proper wick adjustment. You can also go to our Customer Service area at the bottom of each of the Firelight Web pages where you will find answers to "Frequently asked questions". Just 50mls of our paraffin oil can give you an amazing 7 hours of burn time, costing you just cents for all the romance of candle light you or your customers desire without the wax mess!!! *(Statistics calculated at the cost of purchasing a 25L container of paraffin oil). If you choose another brand, just be sure you use a high quality liquid paraffin. Avoid inexpensive lamp oils because they tend to smoke and emit a stronger odor. Never use kerosene, alcohol, gasoline, paint thinner or acetone because they are unsafe.