Prism Taper 12" Pair - Handcrafted Glass Candles

Prism Taper 12" Pair - Handcrafted Glass Candles

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Flower arrangement not included - 12" Prism Taper Pair - Big, bold and beautiful, our dining table classics are hand worked in crystalline glass to avoid the nuisance of wax tracks on fine linens.  Make an easy and elegant centerpiece when arranged in a trio of graduated heights. 

The product has been discontinued by our supplier so grab it now while it is available at this price. It was used in a flower arrangement during a special function. Unfortunately this is the only photo we have of the product which was taken at a function so it comes without the flowers or stand and it didn't need the candle stick holder mentioned below:). 

Comes included with instructionswick(s) and fill funnel.

(Note: Candle stick holders are not included. Candle stick holders shown are for display purposes only.)

*Please note: Recommended Oil not included and has to be added to shopping cart as a separate item. We recommend a minimum of 1 litre highly refined oil to start with.