Wicks and Wick Adjustment

The Trick -o-the-Wick

Although the wick was properly adjusted before your candle was shipped, you should check it before use. Our wicks typically never need to be replaced because they are composed of fiberglass strands, enclosed in a glass tube. So the wick itself does not burn, but draws up oil through the reservoir so only the oil burns off the top.

Please be aware that when you change types of fuel - and sometimes even brands of lamp oil - damage to your lifetime wick may result. It might then be necessary to replace your wick because the fiberglass strands can gum together and no longer absorb the oil efficiently.
The tops of the fiberglass strands should be exactly even with the top of the glass tube. If too low, gently push them up if the wick is 5 inches or less. For longer wicks, pull the fibers up very slightly with tweezers. DO NOT pull the fiberglass strands from their tube