Filling and lighting your candle

Before You Light Your Firelight Glass Oil Candle

Thank you for your selection of one of our extensive line of hand-blown glass sculptures. Each is the proud work of highly skilled American artisans who use only the highest quality crystal-clear glass. With the same reasonable care you would give any glass object, your Firelight Glass oil candle will grace your home for years to come... and become a treasure worthy of passing on.

To Fill Your Candle

Remove the wick and insert the funnel provided, holding it loosely in the candle so air can escape as you pour lamp oil through the funnel. Fill oil reservoir to no more than 3/4 full for all oil candles and lamps. Gently place the wick back into the candle.

IMPORTANT: allow about 30 minutes (for candles with reservoirs under 9 inches tall) to 2 hours (for candles with reservoirs taller than 9 inches) so the wick can absorb sufficient oil before lighting.