Classic Star of David Crystal Glass Candle

Classic Star of David Handcrafted Glass Candle

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Classic Star of David Oil (Diameter 3, 4, 5 , 6  inches) Candles

A symbol of the people of Israel since the 3rd century, our interpretation of Solomon's Shield is true to the original design. Ideal as Hanukkah candles to light in a window, wedding and Bar Mitzvah place setting votives, or Shabbat candles, they are sized so that each celebrant may have their own to light. Comes with instructions, fiberglass wick and fill funnel.

Comes included with instructions, wick(s) and fill funnel.

*Please note: Recommended Oil not included and has to be added to shopping cart as a separate item. We recommend a minimum of 1 litre highly refined oil to start with.