1.6mm Metal Wick - pack 10

1.6mm Metal Wick - pack 10

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Aluminium wick holders threaded with cotton wick, 140mm long, 3mm wick for our moulded candles or to fit into a holder with a 12mm opening.

W3ASmall Aluminium Wick Holder with 1.6mm wick
Suitable for:

Moulded glass oil candles - Small, Large and Pear

Packet of 10 wicks

For the best performance please ensure you:-

do not fill up a candle which contains paraffin or residue of paraffin of inferior quality as it will affect the performance of our oil; and
familiarise yourself with the wick instructions in relation to setting your wick and proper care to achieve the best result . I Please refer to the candle care section for proper wick adjustment. You can also go to our Customer Service area at the bottom of the Home Page where you will find answers to "Frequently asked questions". Trick-O-The-Wick
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