Obelisk Candles Handcrafted Glass Candles

Obelisk Candles Handcrafted Glass Candles

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Starting at $42.95.   Monolith of history rises up in grandeur. Stately beauty transporting the wisdom of the ages. Firelight Glass proudly presents the Obelisk, a singular presence, a reflection of timelessness. Taken from the old-world monument, the Obelisk is the handsomest of statuary. A singular presence for the table center. In pairs, a flank of grandeur for the mantle. (U.S. Design Patent)

Available individually or as a trio. Comes with instructions, fibreglass wick and fill funnel.

Dimensions are approximate as each glass candle is handcrafted by a Glass Blower, not poured into moulds to produce exact measurements.

*Please note: Recommended Oil not included and has to be added to shopping cart as a separate item.